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Get Your Music Heard at the AWME Artist Showcase!


Melbourne is often cited has having one of the best music scenes in Australia.

One of the reasons for this is that Music Victoria is promoting the AWME Artist Showcase for 2014 in Melbourne. This is a great opportunity for you to do what you do best and get some great exposure for your band.


Here's how your enter:

You are required to meet and fulfil the showcase criteria and conditions.

* Artists/submissions need to be export ready.

* Artists need to be available to attend and perform at AWME on any day with no programming date restrictions.

* Artists/submissions must have professional management or be established as a successful self-managed group/musician.

* Exclusivity is a condition of showcasing at AWME

* Artists/submissions need to have professional high-quality product & marketing material, including website, CD/s, recent live performance film clips, detailed recent biography and good quality high-res images

* Artists/submissions need to be ready and willing to tour or perform nationally and internationally if performance opportunities are brokered.


Submissions close on Friday 2nd May 2014. The AWME programming team will assess all submissions received and notify successful applicants by the middle of August 2014.