03 Aug 2015

Get an MTV Artist Page!


Got original songs and a great music video? Why not upload and create an artist profile with MTV - there are ongoing opportunities to be featured on their networks - including their 'buzzworthy' site which showcases the best new music, and also on MTV, CMT and VH1 - globally recognised music video networks.


And.. it's free to set up. What have you got to lose?


MTV Buzzworthy covers mainly pop music (other genres are also often included, but they have a penchant for pop) pop videos, artists and bands, and pop culture - collated from their headquarters in New York City.

Always looking out for the next big thing in the pop world, all you need to do is the following:

- go to http://www.mtv.com/artists/ and in the top right corner you'll see the artist button. click this and set up your profile.
- follow the prompts and tutorials to get your artist page and contents uploaded.
- you will need music audio or video content to upload, and bio, images, label and genre information. (remember you can create a record label with Ditto Music!)

What you can get:

- A feature on MTV Buzzworthy (via track premier, artist interview, music video feature and more)
- socialisation and official artist account interaction with MTV Buzzworthy twitter account on day of setup
- MTV Buzzworthy featured artist badge on your Artists.MTV page after selection
How to make your music stand out:
- make sure you have creative, original content 
- get fans to come to your page - this will mean the curators will notice, and you'll get their attention.