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Get a free music producers bundle when you enter sweepstakes to win sE Electronic mics

We all know the big guys in the world of music production software, plugins & VST’s are fantastic companies, making cutting edge software that every composer is pleased to have in their arsenal.

Like most advancements in technology over the last 10 years, we have seen the world of audio software venture into areas we could only dream of 10 years ago (DSP Cards, near enough perfect emulations of classic analogue gear, Portable studios in a laptop, Being able to compose music with someone cross the other side of the world) and these large developers are of course vital for these advancements and overall progression. 


Track Spark


However, there are many developers that are making amazing, innovative and plugins and VST’s who unfortunately go under the radar because they don’t have the budget to put themselves in front of the music making public at large.

There’s a new company on the rise called Track Spark that think they have an answer to this. Track Spark want to introduce the music making public to the idea of small developers and individuals making great products & content at affordable prices. They supply a monthly digital goody bag worth between $50 - $80 containing plugins, VST’s, high quality live recorded music loops & programmed loops, sample packs and tutorials for a subscription fee of just $2.99/mo.

This is great for both the developers and the music producers. The developers get introduced to a whole new army of producers that they hope will become long term clients and the producers get great products & content for a phenomenally low price.


For the whole of July you can get a sample goody bag when you enter Track Spark’s sweepstakes to win sE Electronics microphones. Enter the sweepstakes here and you could win:


1st prize: Gemini II worth $1399

2nd prize: Z5600 worth $899

3rd prize: Studio Bundle worth $250

4th prize: 5 x free Track Spark memberships 


Track Spark Competition


 Make sure to enter before the deadline on 31st July 2016 - good luck!