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#FreeTheBurger - 20yo Quarter Pounder Burger Releases Track

This week Ditto Music proudly released a track about a 20yo Quarter Pounder burger! All proceeds from the track will be donated to Beyond Blue, an organisation aimed at raising awareness of depresion and anxiety. Adelaide mates Casey Dean and Eduard Nitz kept the burger under lock and key for 20 years and unveiled it to the nation, and the world, yesterday.


This Quarter Pounder has laid claim to being the oldest McDonald Burger in the world!


In Adelaide, Australia 20 years ago - Dean and Nitz done what any teenagers would do after a party. Go to Maccas and get a feed! The Burger Buddies decided to pick up an extra burger for their mate Jono. Who then told the pair to hold on to his Quarter Pounder until next time he was in town....

Well, he hasn't been back yet......!

The Pentagonal Diagonals
have written a song titled 'Free The Burger' which is now available on iTunes. ALL proceeds from the track will be going to Beyond Blue. "Who are an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma."


 It's been a media whirlwind for Senior Burger, with appearances on The Project, Sunrise, and the interest in the geriatric patty has made it's way across the seas.


The popularity of the burger is blowng up online, with merch available at

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Check out the KanyeBurger on Facebook | Free The Burger is available on iTunes


(Written By Vader Fame)