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Free Spotify Continues in the U.S.A

Spotify continue their offer of free streaming within the U.S territory. This means users do not have to pay a subscription and will hear advertisements ever few songs. Spotify who launched in the United States 9 months ago have stated that they will continue to allow American users to listen for free, unlike the limitation of 10 hours listening per month that they capped on European Users several months ago.

The company stated this morning, ""We’ve been so overwhelmed by the US response to Spotify that we’ve extended the honeymoon for unlimited free listening." This is an expensive decision for Spotify who must pay rights holders for every stream, and as ad revenue and an estimated 10% of total users paying subscriptions, being their only income this may lead to further losses.

This decision from the Swedish based company comes as they begin looking for more major funding to add to the $100 million they have raised already.