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Free Service for Aussie Bands to get Radio Play - Amrap's AirIt

If you're an Australian unsigned artist, you need to read this. 

Did you know that Amrap's AirIt can get your music in front of heaps of community radio program makers for airplay?

For free? Read on.


These guys do wonderful work for Australian artists and labels by distributing Australian music to community radio stations all across the country from big city stations to remote regional ones. We are excited to partner with Amrap to ensure that Ditto Music artists can apply for their community radio music distribution service  ‘Amrap’s AirIt’.

Over 3,000 radio DJs and music directors from 300 stations use Amrap’s AirIt to order thousands of new Australian tunes for airplay every week.

We are excited to partner with Amrap to ensure that you, our Ditto Music artists, can apply for Amrap’s AirIt here.  If successful, Amrap will distribute your music for free and give you monthly reports to help you build your radio contacts and grow your audience.

Australian record labels and thousands of selected unsigned artists already use Amrap’s AirIt, here is your chance to access this terrific free service.

You can also sign up for Amrap’s Airplay Search to see if you’re already getting played on community radio and promoted through station sites and social media.