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Free eBook from former Hypebot Editor - Divergent Streams

Do you want to better understand the landscape of the digital music industry?

Here at Ditto Music, we consistently read what others are saying about the music industry as a whole, and also the digital music industry.

We want to be at the forefront of new ideas and technologies, so we can present them back to our artists.

So with that in mind, we'd like to pass on the great things we find to you.

Kyle Bylin, is the former editor of Hypebot, which is a widely recognised resource for those involved with the digital music industry. He was dissatisfied with the depth of discussion and analysis of the digital music industry, so decided to do something about it.

Divergent Streams is an ebook that is available for free download, and is a collection of articles written by music industry and digital music experts. It explores the current and future states of the digital music world, and gives an insight into what this means.

To check out the site - head to

To claim the free e-book, head here.

We encourage you to keep learning, keep researching.

We do.