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Final Fed Square Live Wrap-Up – Diamonds of Neptune, Tully On Tully and Chris Watts

Last night was sadly our final Fed Square Live for the Summer, but that sadness was quickly washed away by 3 incredible performances that ended the series with a bang.

Somehow the weather gods continued to shine down on us. Just about every Ditto Music Fed Square Live show was forecasted as showers and/or thunderstorms in the morning, but by the time of kick-off, those showers had passed and the glorious sun shone down on us.


Diamonds of Neptune launched the evening with some great indie dream-rock and a nice little INXS cover. Tully On Tully then brought so much energy that you could feel the burn just watching the lead singer Nat perform aerobics while singing. Finally we had our good mate Chris Watts close out the night in perfect fashion, blasting out his tremendous mix of folk and pop-rock and lifting the spirits of the already cheerful crowd.


Diamonds of Neptune


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DoN were the runners-up in our Fed Square Live competition for the February show. They garnered so many votes and we loved their sound so much, we simply had to get them down to play for us anyway! DoN did not disappoint, tearing through their opening song and rarely slowing down throughout the set. Their magnificent cover of INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’ grabbed the audience’s attention early on and forced them to stay in their comfy deck chairs for the rest of the set.


Tully On Tully


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We have been big fans of Tully On Tully for a while now and desperately wanted them on our bill late last year. However, Fed Square Live is generally for acoustic artists, so once we got word that we could have a full ‘plugged in’ gig, we jumped straight on the phone to get them onboard. TonT where everything we hoped for and more! With lead-singer Nat’s energy lifting the spirits of the kiddies dancing by the side of stage, the rest of the band brought the funk infused alt-pop grooves, perfect for a warm March evening.


Chris Watts


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Chris Watts has always been one of our favourites to work with, and his talent and charisma always blow us away. The all-round nice guy, backed by his regular band of nice guys and new keyboardist/backing-vocalist Maddie Kelly, played mostly up-tempo tracks to keep the energy going. The only time Chris took his foot off the pedal was for the superb ‘Broken Bones’ and a cover of Phantom Planet’s ‘California’ (you know, the theme from the O.C). The hand clapping of his new single ‘Let Go’ brought smiles to the relaxed crowd, who didn’t seem rhythmically capable of keeping up with one of the more difficult clap-alongs in pop-rock.


Finally we would like to thanks all the bands we had play for us over the Summer and to the hard-working Fed Square team who were so professional and helpful every step of the way. We can’t wait to do it all again and we will keep you all in the loop for any up-coming Ditto Music events.


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