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Fieu: It's Swiss For Fire

Hailing from South East Queensland, Fieu (pronounced Fee-yu) is quickly cementing her position as one of the most promising up-and-comers in Australia’s indie-pop scene.


Fieu recently released her new single, ‘Running’, so we wanted to catch up to have a little chat about the new single and what’s next...


Congratulations on your new single ‘Running’. It’s a slight departure from your previous - trip-hop tinged - singles; was this a conscious shift or something that came from being in the studio with producer Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac)?

Thank you! Yes it is a little different from what I've put out before. I honestly think it’s been a combination of the both. The first songs I put out last year were the first real studio experience I’d had. I was anxious and not really aware of what I wanted to sound like. This time around I feel I’ve been able to develop my sound with full creative input. Joel’s influences definitely played a big part in how the sound was formed, but it’s been a collaborative process. We’ve been writing together for over a year now and I’m excited about this new direction my music is heading in.


You state on your website that what you love most in songwriting is that ‘there are no rules…’ How does this help shape your sound and songwriting? Where do you draw your inspiration?

I guess what I meant by that is I don’t set myself rules. I hardly ever write anything with a conscious frame of mind. I don’t set out to create a certain sound or song theme… When I write I’ll sit at a piano or with an Ableton session and I just sing a whole bunch of random words that make no sense at the time. It isn’t until I listen back that I can start to piece together a story. I draw inspiration from lots of things… personal experiences, other people’s experiences, and world issues, sometimes even fictional stories that I conjure up.


I saw on Facebook that your drummer, Kristi, is a crocodile expert. Have you ever been to see Kristi in action at her job? I would imagine this would be quite scary. Are there any experiences you can draw on for songwriting inspiration?

I’ve only seen Youtube clips of her wrestling crocs but no I haven’t seen her do it up close. Maybe ‘Running’ is actually about a rogue croc on the loose? I feel another Lake Placid sequel coming on…


Your singles have been well received on Triple J Unearthed, and you’ve got a lot of gigs lined up for the next couple of months including an appearance at Sydney’s Australian Music Week. So what’s next? Where would you like to be in the next year? 

I’ve got more music coming next year and I’m working towards another EP or maybe even an album. It’s hard being an independent musician but I’ve been really fortunate with the opportunities I’ve had so far. I’m just going to keep writing, playing and pushing my music out there. In the next year I’d really like to get to a place where I feel within my own self that I’m a successful independent artist. 


Catch Fieu On Tour

Nov 4th – The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne w/Stellafauna
Nov 7th – Queen St Mall, Brisbane
Nov 18th-22nd Australian Music Week, Sydney (date/time TBA)


Have a listen to Fieu's new single, 'Running'.