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Feki's New Single Premiered On Triple J

Following on from his Triple J Unearthed Listen Out competition win, Feki has dropped his new single, 'Quiet Minds'.


It's been a massive year for Feki whose star continues to rise. His latest single 'Quiet Minds' featuring Emily, was featured on Triple J's Good Nights with Linda Marigliano, he's appeared at the recent Listen Out festival after winning the Triple J Unearthed competition to play there, he has a number of festival appearances lined up over the summer, and his previous single 'Remember' even received some spins on UK's BBC Radio 1!


If you're not familar with Feki it's high time you got to know him as he'll be a household name before you know it. We got in touch with Feki to get the lowdown on what's to come and he gives some sound advice for other up-and-comers.


You have recently garnered some attention due to being announced as one of the winners for the Triple J Unearthed Listen Out competition, tell us a little about that and what your live set looks and sounds like…

Yeah that was insane. I thought it was a prank call at first when they told me haha. But no, I was super grateful to be chosen, definitely an experience I’ll never forget.
Because I’m still relatively new to playing shows, Listen Out was only my 4th show ever, I’ve kept my live set up pretty simple by just using an APC40 to play my tracks. But everything I play out is all my own stuff, I definitely plan on expanding my live set up in the years to come.


I see that you’re very well reviewed on Unearthed and have reviews from just about every DJ on the station! What would your advice be to any up-and-coming acts trying to stand out on Unearthed?

Yeah I’m so thankful for all the support triple j has been showing me lately, huge shout out to them. I think you just have to be honest with yourself and the music you create. It might take you a while to figure out the sound that you want to go for but it’s definitely worth investing your time into finding out what kind of music you want to make, and portray it in way that isn’t the “same” as what everybody else is doing.


On your Facebook page you list your genre as, ‘#makewhatyoufeel’, is this the ethos you carry with you from track to track? Is there a reason you haven’t given a definitive genre?

Haha yeah it started out as a little joke when people would ask me what kind of music I made, but then it sort of stuck with me. It’s definitely something I carry into every release that I do. It’s basically an excuse for me to make any type of music I want to haha, but I definitely do try to have a consistent soulful touch with all my productions, no matter the genre. And yeah, I don’t want to be put into a musical ‘box’ so to speak. I just want to make good music.


It was recently announced that you would be appearing on the line-up for this year’s Beyond The Valley music festival alongside other Ditto-distributed artists including Nico Ghost and UV Boi; firstly, how does it feel to be among the rising stars of the Aussie music scene? Secondly, you list Jamie XX as an influence, are you excited about the potential for meeting him in the flesh?

I think Australia has got it going on, there are so many awesome young, up-and-coming producers popping up everywhere so it’s just awesome to be a part of the new wave that is coming through Australia.
And most definitely. Both Jamie XX and Ta-ku are my heroes in music. Hopefully they’ll be around the festival and I’m definitely excited.


As an independent artist yourself, any advice for new artists trying to enter the music industry and how important is a ‘do it yourself’ mentality when you’re just starting out?

I think the main thing I can say to new artists is to establish a hard work ethic and focus on the music. Try not to get caught up in the hype of what’s going on and just really focus and hone your skills in the musical department. And yes, definitely establish that mentality early on. It sets you up with valuable industry and life skills as you progress on in your career.


Pre-order the incredible 'Quiet Minds' featuring email on iTunes.


Catch Feki at these summer festivals!

Valley Fiesta, Brisbane - October 24th
One Day Only Festival, Sydney - November 21st
Beyond The Valley - December 29th