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Featured Artists Star Slinger, Laura Jeanne, FiFi Rong and Kowalski

Here at Ditto Music, we love our artists. We're proud of them, we want to show them off. So this is exactly what we're going to do.

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This week we bring you Manchester's huge DJ and producer Star Slinger, the gorgeous songstress Laura Jeanne from London, the unique and enigmatic FiFi Rong from Beijing, and Kowalski - an indie-electro Irish band destined for big things.

We love discovering great new music from our artists. Help us to discover you, no matter where you are in the world.

Star Slinger:

Manchester producer and DJ Star Slinger (otherwise known as Darren Williams) needs no introduction to anyone who is an avid reader of Pitchfork, Spin magazine, or listener of BBC1.

Having worked with artists such as Jessie Ware, Gold Panda and Washed Out, Star Slinger first came to prominence with his 2010 self-released beat tape, followed by his first LP called 'Volume 1'. He was subsequently named 'best new act of the year by miles' by the Guardian, and has been on the rise ever since.

Every remix, every collaboration is highly anticipated and revered.

We are extremely proud to distribute his latest single 'Free' which you can listen to on Spotify here.

Laura Jeanne:

This talented lady has had so much success over the past few years, but we can bet that there will be plenty more.

Already snapped up by EMI for publishing, Laura Jeanne has also had her tracks selected by the mammoth beer company Budweiser. She's been on US television and was right next to Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars in the Napster hot 5 artists and if that's not already enough going on, she doesn't only write and perform all of her own original music, but she also has a degree in fashion design and creates and wears her own amazing performance outfits - an eclectic mix of feminine military-inspired garments.

Having played at iconic venues such as London's The Troubadour, the Cavern (home of the Beatles) and the Hard Rock Cafe, she has been described by the folks at the Troubadour as being ' in every way destined for the shining lights of stardom, we promise'.

She combines well-crafted songwriting, with feminine vocals and her highly developed aesthetic is present in all of her film clips - which creates a consistently beautiful theme throughout all of her music.

Her new single 'Love is Here' is now available on iTunes here:

You can also check

out her video for the single here - an absolutely stunning clip of Laura in a forest, wearing her trademark creations and enchanting every listener with her beautiful voice and well-crafted music.

We welcome you to head to Laura's website and discover her unique and gorgeous gifts.

FiFi Rong:

FiFi Rong is a singer, songwriter and producer who has collaborated with some huge artists such as Tricky, Q3000 and Whitesquare, while carving out a dreamy, Chinese-folk laden yet electronic niche all her own.

Apart from her chinese folk contribution, FiFi experiments with dub, garage, trip-hop, soundscapes, jazz, soul and post dubstep to create an ethereal, dream-like mixture of textures, genres and sounds.

The result is beautifully layered music, with each track incorporating different musical elements.

Ditto Music distributes her latest dreamscape offering, the album 'Wrong'.

To view on iTunes head here.

To listen on Spotify head here.

Check out FiFi Rong's website here.


Irish indie-electro rockers Kowalski have just released their new album 'For the Love of Letting Go' to Spotify via Ditto Music and their label 'Everybody's Talking', and it's definitely destined for big things.

The first single of the album 'Outdoors' brings back some sweet summer vides, with slinky, echo-laden guitars, shimmery synths and an appealing hybrid of dreamy chill wave and electro-pop. This track was produced by industry legend Justin Gerrish, who has worked previously with clients including Weezer, Vampire Weekend and Muse, and his influence is noticeable.

Working with and supporting Irish favourites and now internationally acclaimed Two Door Cinema Club, we could draw comparisons between the two - both create and execute excellent electro-pop.

If you'd like to check out their new album, head to Spotify here.