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Featured Artist: White Summer

Hailing from Philip Island in Victoria, Australia, White Summer bring their burly rock and roll on their sophomore EP ‘I Know A Place We Can Love’. Having supported the likes of DMA’s, Kingswood, The Delta Riggs, Harts and Holy Holy, White Summer on are to big things and we caught up with them for a chat as this week’s Featured Artist.


You have recently released your single, ‘Paradigm’ from your upcoming EP "I Know A Place We Can Love'", through Ditto Music; tell us a bit about that song and why you chose to release it independently.

Paradigm was one of the first tracks we wrote for the EP. We all felt it was going to be the single from day one. The song came together quite quickly which is usually a sign that its good. We chose to do it independently because theres something quite satisfying about taking the idea of the EP right through all the stages of writing, jamming, testing them on crowds, recording and then through to the release.


Your tunes have been featured in ‘Unplanned America’ and also on U.S TV series ‘Shameless’, how does it feel to see your music on TV?

Pretty bloody good! We found out a month before that the shows would use our music. We were wondering what scenes they would use the music for. Turns out one was people driving a tank and the other was a guy who accidentally set him self on fire. We aren't sure what that says about our music!


You recently finished playing some shows with Kingswood, how was that experience?

Amazing we have played few in the past but this was the first tour with them. They were in top form having recently finished the ACDC tour. Ended up drinking a fridge empty and talking shit till the early hours of the morning. Great to see those guys on stage and hang out.


How is your debut album coming along?

We recently moved into a new studio in Fitzroy. The facilities and resources are of top quality and allow us to record our demos and turn them into songs.

We are so excited to work with our producer and friend Burke Reid once again. The experience was so amazing and it's one of our fondest memories from the creative process


What can we expect from White Summer for 2016?

We will be writing and playing.

Coming up we have have 3 shows locked in and are planning more interstate shows this year:



Vinyl Revival, Melbourne



Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney (Free Entry)



Yah Yahs, Melbourne


"I Know A Place We Can Love" out April 15th 2016



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