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Featured Artist: The Evening Cast

Indie pop five piece, The Evening Cast recently released their new album Belong. We caught up them to discuss the experience of recording at home on Victoria’s surf coast, their favourite gig which left the crowd wanting more and which song they wish they had written.

The Evening Cast


You have recently released your album ‘Belong’. What are the main ideas you wanted this album to convey?

We didn’t realise this at the time but when we listened back to the first mix’s of the songs from ‘Belong’ it became really clear that there is a theme of travel throughout the album. We want to convey stories and not just our own, and this collection of songs is a retrospective of that as well as a glimpse into the next phases of our song writing.

Prior to the recording the main idea we wanted to achieve was a sense of warmth and that each song portrayed its story organically.   


How was the experience of recording ‘Belong’ in your own home studio?

It felt like we were on a retreat (in a good way).

Joel & Rachel live in the Otway’s on Victoria’s Surfcoast, their house is nestled in the middle of bushland which we transformed into our studio for a month.

It was the perfect atmosphere to record in and really complemented our songs.

Our bass player Ash Trickey doubles as a sound engineer and was the brains behind making the space work. It was nice to take our time and experiment with different sounds. The space helped capture the organic vibe we were after, you can hear it in the recording. We left a lot of the natural sounds in the mix, like the creek of the piano stool for example.


You guys have played your own headline tours and also supported the likes of Clare Bowditch, Oh Mercy and Youngblood Hawke. What has been the most memorable gig and why?

We have been lucky to support a lot of great bands, especially the ones that we have been into personally. However there’s nothing like playing a headline show, it’s nerve racking but in return has the potential of being really memorable and hopefully for the right reasons.

There’s one that stands out to me which we often talk about. It was during our ‘Questions’ tour in Adelaide at The Grace Emily. Being a band from out of town you never know what to expect… we started playing and the crowd instantly connected with what we were doing. It was incredible, the place was packed and the crowd was super attentive. I remember them chanting for more after our last song, we weren’t prepared for an encore so we had a quick emergency band meeting on stage and decided to end on a high and come back next year with more songs haha they were cool with that! Adelaidians really love their live music, and we are grateful for it.


As a band, what song do you wish you had written?

We often cover “Blood” by The Middle East. It slots perfectly into a song of ours called ‘Dilute’ from a previous EP.

We would love to put our name to many of their songs - we admire their work and creativeness.


What is in store for The Evening Cast in 2016?

Gigs! We have a busy July planned to help support the release of ‘Belong’ and our single ‘Gangs of Fools’.

This should set us up for a big summer of shows - we are itching to play as much as we can after the time spent writing & recording.

Also we have a new video dropping shortly, its something really different for us. A re-work of our song Sth Coast performed A cappella. We collaborated with some friends who’s voices we love - the result is something special. Keep an eye out.

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