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Featured Artist: Pirra

Brought together from various rural communities around Australia, Sydney based band Pirra are full of energy and charisma.


Pirra, meaning moon in Lurijta, have just released their new single off the back of a year of gigging, songwriting and recording. We caught up with them for a chat before they hit the road to tour the east coast in May.


You have recently released your single, ‘Wake Me’ through Ditto Music; tell us a bit about that song and why you chose to release it independently.

'Wake Me' is a pop-rock number with driving riffs and a steady pulse. The lyrics portray surreal and disconnected themes of fantasy and escapism.

Releasing the track independently was the best avenue for us. I feel that as musicians we are lucky to live at a time and place with access to so much technology. Artists can now record and release music themselves without relinquishing creative control or piling up a massive debt.


If you had to describe your sound in two words, what would they be?

Explorative Pop


You performed at AWME last year, how was that experience?

AWME was an amazing opportunity to share our music and see what other Australian artists are doing.

It was a lot of fun hopping between gigs, and a great chance for artists and industry figures to mingle into the wee hours.


As a Sydney based band what are your thoughts on the lockout laws and its impact on the music scene in Sydney?

Suffice to say the lockout laws are a real mojo pin for Sydney's music scene, and nightlife in general. Unless you can get a gig at the casino!


What can we expect from Pirra for 2016?

The first three months of the year were spent recording the tracks for our debut album, which is set for release later this year. In the meantime, we'll be releasing a string of singles and touring around the country. So keep an ear out for Pirra!


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