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Featured Artist: Paper House

We recently caught up with Melbourne based indie act Paper House to chat about their new single 'Sweet Release', how cities influence their music and their dynamic live show.



You have just released your new single ‘Sweet Release’ – tell us a little about how that single came about and how it fits into your forthcoming album.

Sweet Release’ is a modern day love song set in the city of Melbourne. It came to me as I was trying to get to sleep one night in our apartment and the city lights were glowing so brightly that I couldn’t sleep. I saw this image of a restless city and thought about how I was always trying to find more beautiful moments in the darkened corners. I always love watching people as they rush around during their morning work routines and wonder what their story is or where they are going. Really it is a song about the repetition of routine and life constantly moving forward but having a loved one to always be there make you pause, take a breath, and 'shake the dust off your sheets'. This sentiment of living in the city and the struggle of trying to find your place in something that is much bigger than yourself is a recurring theme for the album.


How long has the album been in the works and what’s the plan for after it’s released?

It has been a labour of love over the last few years, and has definitely been influenced by the different projects and collaborations we have had along the way.  We tend to get bored easily and love interdisciplinary collaborations and have been fortunate to work on projects with some amazing artists and musicians. We are just really excited to release A Certain Kind of Now into the world and see what happens! Then of course we will continue to try and push the boundaries of genre, our sound and finding new and inspiring collaborations. 


We know what you sound like, but how would you describe your music from a visual sense? What kind of images does your music conjure up for you?

Our music is definitely influenced by gritty city scenes, but also those more beautiful moments that you find buried within the chaos of the city. This is mainly due to the album being written while living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the CBD. Certainly our music is textured and layered with great moments of simplicity and clarity which beautifully reflects the complexity of a city.


You have received some great attention for your live shows – tell us what we can expect if we catch you on stage.

We do love to put on a good show, and because we have a background in the arts we love to collaborate with artists, filmmakers, designers etc to take the immersion and spectacle of a live show to another level. To give you a hint for our album launch we are going to be using some of the liquid light effects used in our latest film clip for Sweet Release by artist and animator Freya Pitt in a live capacity.


If there was one city in the world you could write, record or tour to, where would it be and why?

It sounds cliché but I would have to say New York or Berlin, there is a reason so many creative types flock there. The energy and ideas that emanate out of these cities is truly inspiring an I would love to be immersed in that to find new modes of creativity.


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