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Featured Artist: Neighbourhood Youth

Brunswick based quartet, Neighbourhood Youth have gone from strength to strength in recent times. We caught up with them to discuss what is in store for 2016, their new single Atlantic and what they were like as the neighbourhood youths.Neighbourhood Youth

Neighbourhood Youth were in triple J’s top 15 songs of April with your song ‘Atlantic’, how does it feel to have your music played on the radio?

It's great. Quite a lot of work goes into our music, so having it played around the nation and being well received by lots of people is really nice.


What inspired you to write your recent single ‘Atlantic’?

The lyrics for 'Atlantic' were written after Sam (bass) watched a documentary about the raw life cycle of the Atlantic salmon, who ultimately meet their demise after laying their eggs, so that their offspring can feed off them and survive.

The track is ultimately about the sacrifices our loved ones make for us.


What can we expect from the up coming EP?

We've been able to record a good bunch of songs that all seem to have a great energy about them.  Being able to take our time with them has meant we've really been able to get them sounding the way want. We should end up with a good 6 or 7 well rounded songs.


What were you all like as the neighbourhood youths?

A bunch of beautiful baby boys


You guys played at this years St Kilda Fest to high acclaim! What is in store for the rest of 2016?

We're set to do a bit of touring up the east coast in May and June. Then making moves towards getting the EP done and hopefully making it around the rest of Australia with another tour later in the year. Then come November-December we should be hitting a few good festivals too :)


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