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Featured Artist - MOODIE.

Melbourne solo artist MOODIE. has emerged with her self-titled EP. Her single “Show Me” is getting regular plays here at Ditto Music.


"Show Me" by MOODIE.


Being an independent artist has not stopped this dark, memorable beauty. With the release of her self-titled EP picking up the attention of ears everywhere, MOODIE. worked closely with Peter Coulson on the film clip for the single "Show Me" offering insight into her creative mind.


In a recent interview at Ditto HQ (AU), the charismatic Milly discussed her music, film clip and influences with us. Naming her main vocal influences to be, the late blues queen Etta James and neo-soul sister Jill Scott.


Respectfully declining opportunities to take her music internationally, MOODIE. remained dedicated to creating a sound true to herself as an artist and to forming her base locally in Melbourne and Australian Music.


Her EP makes for a hauntingly pleasing mix of dancehall, electronic, pop and blues out now on iTunes!


MOODIE.’s EP launch will be on 24th of October at LAUNDRY bar, Fitzroy