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Featured Artist: Loon Lake

We are so happy to have Triple J favourites, Loon Lake, on our roster. We recently caught up with Simon from the band to touch base on what's instore for the rest of the year.


Firstly, well done on your awesome single 'Just Now'! The clip to go with it is great and I hear that it was directed by a young up-and-comer. Can you tell us how that all came about?

Thank you, we are very stoked with the result of the song and clip. They compliment each other well. The song came out of nowhere, it was about 2 hours from conception to completion. Nick and Sam were mucking around on acoustic guitars when we were in the studio. They came back in and showed us, we loved it instantly, played it a few times then recorded it. The take you hear was probably the third or fourth. It doesn’t always work like that.

The video I’m not totally across. But I think we had another director lined up and then that fell through, so our manager got in touch with Sorcha (the director), and she came through with the goods. She has done well.


Now, something I've always wanted to know is where your name came from? I know about the duck-like creature, the Loon, so when I hear your name I envisage a lake full of ducks. Is this where it came from?

No ducks, only duck asses.

The name is derived from a novel called Loon Lake (obviously). I think the story goes that Sam read the novel when he took time out in an ashram after suffering from a serious bout of ‘I’ve seen it all’.


What can fans expect in the coming months from your guys? Obviously it seems you're ramping up for a new album, so are there any tours on the cards? Festival Appearances?

At the moment we have just been steadily recording tunes when we get the

We are noticing there is a definite sound we are creating in this batch of songs and I think once we feel happy with an album amount of tracks we will release. But we are not putting any pressure on ourselves at the moment. Last time we made album, at the end we all felt it was rushed. And there is no need for that. We are definitely working hard on it though and there are already a fair few songs in the bank that all band members are happy with. I would hope to have an album out by the end of this year.

Re: tours and festivals, yep there are definitely plans there and I’m sure we will be announcing some of these soon. We played a one off show on the weekend in Melbourne, and it was lots of fun.


So any hints on when the album might hit our ears?

As I said, no set plan, but once we are happy with a solid bunch of tunes it will be out straight away. I would love to have it out by the end of this year.

Watch Loon Lake - Just Now (Official Video)