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Featured Artist: Interview with Clinton from Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic are based in Brisbane, Australia and have recently released their EP ‘Nostalgia’. There is a huge buzz surrounding them, they recently traveled and toured the USA and have been compared to The 1975 and 5 Seconds of Summer. With so much going on for this young band, and a national tour happening right now, we chat to them about their plans for the coming months.



Tell us about your new EP ‘Nostalgia’ – the inspiration, the writing process, how long it took to write and record, and who you worked with?


'Nostalgia' is our second EP as a band, following our first titled 'Dalliance' which we released mid way through last year. We accumulated quite a broad range of inspiration for 'Nostalgia' - with many of the tracks revisiting a classic 80's sound, hence the name 'Nostalgia'. We wanted to create a sound which took the listener to a place of comfort and relevance, giving a very nostalgic feel overall. 

We started writing the tracks for this EP towards the end of last year, slowly building and polishing each track until we were happy with the sound. In terms of writing, we felt quite compelled to create a story for each track so that the listeners could adapt and feel involved with the music, while still leaving a bit of mystery to indulge in. We wrote and produced every track on the EP independently, which gave us full creative control and persuasive power.  


You’ve been compared to The 1975 and 5SOS previously, would you consider either of those bands as inspirations to you, or are there any other artists that you can cite as influences?

We do in fact get compared to bands such as The 1975 and 5SOS quite frequently, and this is in no way a bad thing as we believe they are both very talented bands. However, we feel we have created and defined our own sculpted sound, which differs us from these two acts. We feel that these bands create music from the heart, which is exactly what we aim to do with every track we produce. 


Any plans to tour Australia in 2015? What else do you have coming up this year?

Yeah we're currently touring and we couldn't be more excited as we're finally able to give back to our fans and play some of our new music to such a rad audience.  


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Brisbane 16/05

Melbourne 17/5


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