01 Sep 2016

Featured Artist: Boilermakers


Boilermakers is Matt Okine's music side-project, working alongside long-time collaborator, "Dinnertime Duke". His debut single ‘Fade (Nothing At All)’ dropped a few weeks ago and we caught up with him to discuss the future for Boilermakers, spontaneously releasing the track and what his Dad thinks about it all.

Firstly, congrats on the single! We love it here at Ditto. What are your plans with Boilermakers? Is there more music coming soon?
For sure. This is just the edamame that you first get when you sit at the table. We haven't even ordered drinks yet. There's still a proper meal to come.... and by "meal", I mean "an EP that I've started working on".
Is it tricky to release music when you have such a public profile - what were your thoughts behind releasing the track? Or did you just feel you had to get it out there?
Of course people aren't gonna take me seriously at first. I've been doing comedy for ten years. People are expecting joke-raps. The funny thing is though - comedy and tragedy aren't really that different. Have you ever watched Big Bang Theory without the laugh track? That shit is straight-up depressing. I'm still saying the same things that are going on in my head. I've just replaced the laugh track with some sick af production from C1.
How long have you been making music for? What was the first song/rap you wrote like?
I've been playing around with music for 12 years now. But never seriously... making all the mistakes too. rhyming 'lyrical' and 'miracle'. All of that. Trying to put on my best hilltop hoods impersonation. I listened to my oldest songs just the other day actually just to remember what was going through my head back then. Rapping about spending my last twenty bucks on the pokies. Haha. What a battler.
What Australian hip hop artists are you into right now?
There's a sick track from a dude called B Wise called "No Questions" which I'm loving atm. And Coda Conduct keep going from strength to strength. Not to mention, Gill Bates, Tigerilla, Feki. There's a new wave. Hopefully one day I'll be the old person they only take on tour with them because I'm over 25 and can hire a car.
And international artists?
I'm hell excited for new stuff from Childish Gambino. And she's not exactly hip hop, but that new Maggie Rogers joint is so good. Got me crying like Pharrell.
Are you going to tour the release?
My agent got angry with me last night because I dropped the song out of nowhere. I don't know how these things are supposed to work! I'm stuck in the middle of a comedy tour atm so hopefully after this current one, I'll jump up before a local act or two around the place.
If you could collaborate with any hip hop artist (alive or dead) who would it be?
Mike Skinner. He was the guy that got me into all of this. Original Pirate Material was my gateway. Nek minut - I'm freebasing Jay.
Can you tell us about the meaning behind Fade (Nothing at all)?
It's a real parallel between starting a new phase in your life (music) and starting a relationship. There's always so much hope. And you're so into doing everything together. But it's scary because so often, things don't work out. And you end up driving yourself into the ground, trying to make something happen. You get made aware of all your short-comings.  
And finally it had to be asked.. what does your Dad think of your music?
I actually have this terrible old song called "Pardon Me" that my radio co-host Alex Dyson, loves to bag me out by playing on the radio, but when I first made that song, the daddy mack used to bump it in the car all the time. He's always been the one to tell me to take it seriously. He was the one who went with me to buy my first computer and soundcard when I was 18... He was in a band once himself, so I reckon he's just living vicariously through me. The original Ghanaian dance mom.
Check out the single on iTunes and Spotify.