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Featured Artist: Alphamama

We recently caught up with Sydney based artist Alphamama to discuss her new single 'Ass in the Front’ from her forthcoming album Honey Fire, her own label God Queen and what it all means for the future.

Tell us about Alphamama - what you're about, what your music represents and what you hope for the future.


That's a massive question..! The name ALPHAMAMA came from the initials of my birth name and it came to me after I had my son, River. At that time I was getting back into making music after taking time off and thinking about what legacy I would like to leave in the world. Thinking about all of the amazing women who taught me how to be strong and how this society rarely celebrates powerful women in leadership positions I decided to honour those women. The alpha mamas who don't get credit for the ways they lead their lives, lead their families, their tribes, their communities. It was those qualities I wanted to call in for myself and start stepping up and into my own power through living the philosophy of that title. My music, my name, God Queen, my art all boils down to a few very simple messages. Its that WE are the GODS of our own lives and in any moment we have a choice over our reality. Not just individually but also collectively. Even if only over our perception of reality if that's all we can do in a moment. Everything else is an arbitrary illusion placed on us. The way our whole world runs is just a system that people have created and we can create it to be otherwise. Therefore change and transformation is possible in any moment and when you can change your life at will- that is powerful. I want people to remember how powerful we actually are and stop denying that fact. When we learn to truly love ourselves and each other, embrace this life with open arms, stand in awe of the vastness of it, how can we not feel propelled into living it whole-heartedly? And thats the kind of world I want to see being created.


You have setup the label GodQueen - what inspired this and where do you want to take it?


God Queen is my effort to embody the change I want to see in this world and create a vehicle for others to come with me on this journey. It started as a seed in my mind's eye 3 years ago after seeing so many of my exceptionally talented artist friends struggle to be heard and recognised in the industry. I wanted to create a vehicle that women artists could use to be seen and heard in the world. When I was travelling overseas in 2014 I saw the stark difference in the attitudes of the music industry in different places. The tall poppy thing really hit me when I realised how many people were offering their help, support and praise for me overseas. I realised then that what we really need is to create a movement together to bust out of this small pond down under. I love the Australian music community so much but it pains me to see how unwilling we are to SHARE our resources including our networks and our knowledge. I believe all of these fears of inadequacy and scarcity can be healed and so I work, through God Queen to provide services that empower artists holistically. Its important that through my mentoring, artist development or as a manager, each person feels held, safe and truly believed in. I'm pushing this concept of the new archetype; The Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur hybrid that will save the world. I'm highly ambitious and stupidly positive about changing the world. The way I see it is that art, in all its forms but most potently, music, is the medicine that can penetrate even the hardest of apathy and bring people back to feeling again, activism is when people are brave enough to see the truth of what is happening and communicate that passionately while providing alternatives and the entrepreneur has the material wealth and resources that this capitalist society recognises as currency. What we're doing is speaking in all the languages that the world currently uses. Right now, money is the lowest common denominator so yeah we have to use that language but we are wanting to move society away from the slavery to money and material wealth toward valuing the less dense, higher frequency forms of exchange like art, ideas, music and eventually, telepathy and the like. I know this all sounds far-fetched and high idealistic but the vision that I hold in my mind of how we can be co-existing in the world is a million times better than what we are currently living so I'm gonna push for that. God Queen the record label is one manifestation of this vision but there are many projects we're looking to launch to change the game. Our business model is based on ethics, integrity, service and love before anything else and I'd like to establish new, progressive ways of operating in the music industry since it is changing so rapidly. Its evolving so quickly so let's be part of the moulding of this new emerging reality instead of just trying to keep up.


You've just release the video for 'Ass in the Front' - tell us a little about the video.


Ass In the Front is a song about how this consumerist mainstream culture is so destructive to our humanity in ways that we don't realise. Our obsession and addiction with other people's lives and hollywood and celebrity, material things makes us completely blind to the abhorrent realities concurrently happening on our shared Earth. From wars, to social injustices to environmental disasters and the raping of Earth's finite mineral resources... where do I even start? And yet, our most powerful and transformational resource, ART, has been stolen too for the use of corporations and governments to distract us and numb us. Keeping us obsessed with ourselves and our romantic relationships. Keeping us obsessed with what they allow us to be obsessed about and we respond like puppets. I am right in the thick of that guilt, totally complicit and so often complacent. I look in the mirror and hate that I can't do more and it makes me realise why we have such epidemics of depression and mental illness. How could we not with this reality we live in? We are smashed with media telling us everything that is wrong with the world and then immediately smashed with corporations telling us what we need to feel better and when we wake up and revolt, we are punished. Punished for being compassionate, free thinking human beings. We've actually had to shoot 2 separate clips to try and convey this message and everything was shot on an iPhone to really hammer the idea home that now everything is so easy to do. What is our excuse for not speaking the truth of things?



Which artists do you find inspiring and why?


I'm inspired by anyone who can make me cry or laugh or feel deeply. 2 of my closest friends do that exceptionally well Alice Night and Billie McCarthy. Tracy Chapman, Esperanza Spalding, Joni Mitchell, Ana Tijoux, Kendrick.. but then also artists who know exactly what people wanna eat and give it to them every time.. Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce etc etc.. I listen to heaps of pop music so that I know where people are at. That conscious awakening in the 70's was supposed to change the world but it didn't work because the artivists weren't organised enough and didn't have the financial resources to be taken seriously.. a lot of them died way too soon.. That's why I can't wait for this new artist/entrepreneur hybrid to become the new mainstream!


Will you be touring later in the year? What's next for Alphamama and GodQueen?


I'm touring in this month actually!! In Townsville, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney I'm doing solo shows pushing the new single. Then in September God Queen is presenting a theatre show called Queen Cxnt at the Sydney Fringe Festival on 15, 16 and 18th September. Its a multi-sensory music theatre show exploring the power of women's sexuality in the human psyche, culturally and cosmically. Its featuring the artists on our label, Alice Night, Nardine, myself and some amazing other women!​​


Listen to Alphamama's new single Ass in the Front on Spotify or on iTunes

Check out her Facebook for info on her upcoming tour.