20 May 2015

9 Facebook Hints and Features Every Musician Should Know


Many musicians still believe that engaging on Facebook and other social media platforms is a waste of time – time that they believe should be dedicated to making more music. The question is: If no one knows you’re out there, what is the point of making and posting the music?

In view of this, I've compiled my favourite hints and features that will hopefully change your perception of engaging on Facebook.


Status updates

Writing great status updates is very important because Facebook has an algorithm similar to Google’s called EDGERANK which monitors the speed with which an update garners likes and comments. Many people do not know that more value is placed on likes and comments received from family members and close friends, therefore engage with close friends and family that you do not have the chance to go over next door to see, and by sharing your daily experiences and life motivations, and by being interested in their lives, they most likely will return the gesture.

There are tips to writing great status updates such as giving helpful advice, sharing funny or entertaining videos or pictures, posting news that impacts you in a way that makes you want to share with people, and asking questions that encourage interactions from your connections. Engage your followers. Make it a conversation.


Schedule posts for later

This is a brilliant way to save a lot of time to focus on other parts of your career such as studio recording, song writing, and photo/video shoots etc.

This feature works well when you cannot be available online 24 hours a day. When you schedule posts, you can choose the time and day, as well as location and target audience that your post is delivered to.


Music listening applications

Instead of clicking on a link that opens a new page to listen to your songs, wouldn’t it be so much easier if people could listen to your music directly on your artist page?

Examples of such apps that can be used for this are Bandpage, BandsInTown, YouTube Video Box, Profile song, SoundCloud, Livestream, Slide update, and many others.

Most of these apps not only make listening to music easier and more fun, but also encourage sharing with others by your friends, family, and fans.


Boosted posts

This is also known as Facebook promotion. With consideration to your target audience and potential fan location, the budget for an effective page boost could range from a little over a dollar to three dollars per day, which can be well worth the occasional investment.


Reorder page sections

Presentation is key. Reordering sections on your fan page to enable quicker access to the most relevant information is a highly important feature on your Facebook page. Click on the pencil on the top right corner of a section name (such as People, or About), and select “Manage Sections” to reorder.


Share options

Sharing your posts and updates from your Facebook page to your personal timeline of your regular account can help generate more page likes and engagement. Increase your exposure that way and get your friends to help out.


Reply Comments

Always respond to comments made on your posts and updates to create a more personal rapport between you and friends/fans, otherwise there will be no motivation for future interaction on status updates and new content.



We use a hashtag in our posts so that people who search for related topics can easily reach our updates. You can also search for topics that you are interested in. Share them and comment on them on your own page. Make other people’s content work for you.


Linking your Facebook account with other Social media accounts

Linking your Facebook account with your website and other social media accounts is necessary for generating the level of continuity and audience growth you want in order to grow your fan base. It will also save you time as you will be automating the process and reaching a wider audience.


There are many more Facebook features that can accelerate your success. Try implementing these and always look for new features to help you with promoting your music.


This blog was written by Christine Ben-Ameh who is a contributing writer for SplashFlood. Splashflood is a social network platform focused on undiscovered musical talent.