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Everything you need to know about Apple Music as an Independent Musician

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are probably aware Apple launched its new streaming site, Apple Music, on 30th June. The global leader in music downloads has seen the rise of popular streaming sites over the past few years and now they want a piece of the action. This is another player in the mass of streaming sites, but why is it different and is it any better for independent musicians?

Why choose Apple Music


In our highly scientific infographic we found that Apple’s iTunes store earned the most money for independent musicians and is the most popular store with consumers, so it can only be good for your music to be on Apple Music. They’ve set ambitions targets for themselves as they’re hoping to get 100 million users (Spotify has 20 million paying users). That a lot of people potentially listening to your music.

Apple Music

How much does Apple Music Pay Musicians?


Apple music (after a little, very public, help from Taylor Swift) is paying musicians $0.002 per play during its free 3-month trial. After this it will pay 71.5% of all subscriptions to royalties (73% outside of the US) which is higher than the 70% industry average.

There are 4 ways to earn money from Apple Music, so make sure you have your music licenced properly!

1. Interactive streaming

This is when someone chooses to stream your song on Apple Music

2. Non-Interactive streaming

This is when your song is played on the radio feature of Apple Music. It’s non-interactive because the listener hasn’t specifically chosen to listen to your song.

3. Mechanical Royalties

Are the per-unit payment made to the music publisher for the reproduction of copyrighted musical compositions. This is when music is streamed ‘on-demand’

4. Performance Royalties

You get performance royalties whenever your song is performed (or broadcast) publically


Apple Music Connect: A new way to connect with your fans?


Apple Music Connect is like a social media artist page built into the streaming service. This allows fans to find out about you without having to leave Apple Music and go onto another site, such as Twitter. You can upload photos, bios, videos and other promotional material to get closer to your fans, add URLs to reviews of your music and to links to buy tickets to your shows. You can also share other artists you like and create playlists for your fans to listen to.

To qualify for an Apple music connect page you need to have your music on iTunes. Once your music is live head over here and request access to get your profile set up.


Beats1: How Apple Music is Different


Apple Music is very similar to existing streaming services; they have over 30 million songs to choose from, offline playback, music videos and playlists.

Their radio station, Beats1, is the main feature that sets Apple Music apart from the rest. Apple have some big names behind the radio, they have former BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Low, exclusive interviews, special celebrity programs and more. It’s 24 hours a day global radio station which could mean your music reaches fans globally and could be pushed by well known people.


How to Get on Apple Music


We distribute to Apple Music for free! Why you ask? Because we love you that’s why! For absolutely no extra cost your music will automatically go on Apple Music when you distribute using Ditto Music.

Any of our artists that have previously released to iTunes will also have their music made automatically available on the new Apple streaming service. Not bad ey? If you don’t like the sound of that send our support team a quick email at and they will happily remove your release from Apple Music.