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Domino Records Launches New Subscription Service

Independent record label Domino has launched a new direct to
fan platform called Domino Drip. Fans can pay a subscription fee to the label
in return for a regular delivery of new releases, merchandise, blog posts and
other content straight to their inbox.

For ten dollars a month, subscribers will receive the labels
two most “exciting albums, plus downloadable bonus material�?, as well as other
exclusive content. Domino are not the first record label to launch a
subscription service, with US Hip-Hop label Stones Throw doing so last year.
Artists have also had some success with similar models. Manchester alternative
band WU LYF gave fans the opportunity to purchase a ‘lifetime membership’ to

their Lucifer Youth Foundation, in
return for regular new releases and discounted concert tickets (read our
featured blog post on WU LYF here

Many argue that Domino is unlikely to succeed with this new
model, when it costs the same as a Spotify premium account, which offers almost
unlimited new releases on your computer and on your smartphone for the same
price. What’s more, with being one of the largest independent labels in the UK
and with such an eclectic and varied catalogue, people are unlikely to be fans
of the label in its own right. Sure, people will be fans of one or several of
the artists, but they are always likely to be indifferent or even dislike too
many of them to make paying ten dollars a month viable.

Perhaps this sort of membership model works best with
individual artists. Artists such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have created enormous
communities out of their fans with their ‘Little Monsters’ and ‘Beliebers’ respectively. These communities are made up of fiercely dedicated,
die-hard fans. Imagine how many of them would be willing to pay a small fee to
become official members with exclusive access to content that no one else can
have. The possibilities are lucrative. With social media playing such a huge
role in artist promotion, it is important to create a sense of community
amongst your fans where this sort of membership platform can thrive.

Mike Townsend