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Doctrin Releases Second Single ‘Give Me Love’

Doctrin is someone you should keep your eyes and ears out for. The talented artist doesn’t just want you to hear her music, but also demands you focus on her visual imagery. Doctrin has been working hard this year and just relocated to L.A where she will be filming her new music video for the song ‘Give Me Love’.

We had a chat to her about her plans for for the music video and what’s in the cards for her in 2015!


Tell us about your new single release 'Give Me Love'! What is the song about, and what kind of images do you think it portrays?

'Give Me Love' is the follow up to 'Take Me', that was released in May this year. These are the first two songs that I ever worked on for Doctrin and if feels great to have them out there. After gently breaking the ice with 'Take Me', 'Give Me Love' comes in at full force, with a lot of empowering energy showing people what Doctrin is really about. Images that have always come to mind with this track are Hotel rooms and Churches; there's something seedy in the song that brings out feelings of late night debauchery and a feeling of guilt the morning after. On a deeper level, 'Give Me Love' has a desperation to it which will be explored in the coming video clip.


You're currently living in LA, and will be shooting the film clip for 'Give Me Love' in the next few months - can you give us a bit of an insider's scoop into the creative thoughts behind the clip and what it will involve?

Well it will involve a lot of scheduling! There's a lot of imagery I feel is needed to portray the story the way I want it so I already know it's going to be an intense process. The script for 'Take Me' came to me very quickly, although I have the story for 'Give Me Love', the fine tuning and hasn't come quite as easily. There are a lot of ways to portray hotel rooms, sins, secrets and desperation so picking the characters I feel tell the story, and their role within it, has been a little difficult. It's all coming together slowly with many nights spent brainstorming!


"Hotel rooms, sins, secrets and desperation" sounds very LA. What do you love the most about living there?

The vibe and people! It's always great to be here amongst some of the best creative talent and tap into that collective consciousness. There's a buzz and energy in the air, some call it stress but I think it's really motivating to try keep up. The weather makes me feel energised and ready to go and everyone here just seems to understand that passion to keep pushing on. There's a lot of respect around your peers because everyone is here slogging it out and apart from the odd douche-bag, they're all willing to offer support or advice and boost you up. Also I love the Mexican food, you can't go past it!  


Has the music scene there been influencing your writing and creative process?

Most definitely, it's always sunny so I feel compelled everyday to get up and do something. Personally that really helps my moral because in winter I am a bear in hibernation under the doona watching Netflix! With great weather comes the desire to be out and with so many live music options there is always somewhere to go at any time of night. Having friends that are musicians here is great, there is always a collaboration or an opportunity to work with someone and grow as an artist and help each other out.


Your debut single 'Take Me' received quite a lot of attention - it was featured on VEVO, Rdio, ABC's RAGE and Tonedeaf, amongst others. How did it feel to get so much support for your first single?

It felt great! Independent bands need all the support they can get so when some big names come to the front of the line for someone like myself it's a real boost up! It's inspiring that these platforms can do so much for the reach of new music; it sets a precedent for other outlets and is a huge win for not just me but new artists alike.


How does 'Give Me Love' differ from 'Take Me' and what direction will your music be going in later in 2015?

'Take Me' displays a softer side while 'Give Me Love' sits at the opposite end of that emotional spectrum. It's a good display of the two extremes and the future of Doctrin sits right in the middle. These two tracks were chosen early on in the piece and since their release I've written the material for and began planning the release for an EP. I'm really excited for Doctrin's future sound and coming home to play live!


What else can we expect from Doctrin in the coming months? Will you be coming back to Australia any time soon? We miss you!

Yes I'll be home towards the end of the year where I'll be planning the release of the EP, but before that I'll be shooting the video for 'Give Me Love' in LA. By the end of the year I hope to have that released and the EP wrapped up so I imagine some back and forth to finalise all the tracks. Once the details are a little more refined I'll be able to share art work and new music, and can't wait to do so!

Purchase 'Give Me Love' here!