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DJ's Can Now Leagally Upload Their Mixes With

Rising from the ashes of comes, giving DJs a legal platform to upload their mixes for self marketing. From a copyright point of view, the platform pays appropriate royalties for music included in uploaded mixes using the patented MixSCAN technology. has relaunched with
"a completely overhauled platform, enhanced functionality, social sharing tools, an embeddable player, proprietary search and recommendation algorithm, and more music from the world's most prominent and talented DJs."
The platform has launched with some of the world's biggest DJs including Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto and Scrillex. The platform is free for both listeners and DJs who can upload their mixes for free and will eventually receive some royalty payment.
What 'eventually' actually means is yet to be seen, but it is definately a startup to watch as it tries to explore all possibilities for monetizing longform audio mixes as mixtapes, podcasts and livestreams in a manner that benefits all.