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Ditto Music's 5 Gig Tips

These 5 tips are pretty simple, but there are still so many bands not following them.

If you want to have a career and longevity in this field, follow these.

div>If you want to party hard, don't really care how you come across to others, and are happy to look and sound like an unprofessional douchebag, don't follow them. As if you would have anyway.

1. Be nice to the sound guy, the promoter, the bar staff, the venue managers. They make you sound good, they help get people to the show, they pour your drinks, they help you get organised. You are a part of a group of people making the night happen - yes the others may be in a sense 'behind the scenes' but they deserve respect, and they can let everyone know what a nightmare you are to work with if you act like one.

2. Rehearse. Your job as a musician doesn't start and finish onstage. Make sure you don't sound terrible.

3. Be sensible with the guest list. If you are allocated 5 people as a part of the guest list, keep it to 5, or ask if you'd like to add extras. Ask the promoter/organiser of the event to add any media guests that you would like to come. Especially important - if you tell someone you will put them on the door, remember to put them on the door. Nothing makes a person feel worse than when they are told they are 'on the list' only to be squinted at by the door person and told that no, they aren't.

4. Stay sober or straight enough to put on a good show. I'm not your mother. You can do whatever you want, but if you are so blind drunk, or high on bulbs, or so stoned that all you can think of is the post-gig nachos you'll be scarfing, then you aren't being a good band, and you won't sound good. It might be a funny story for the biography one day, or the tour blog, but you probably won't have any fans wanting to read your tour blog if you suck badly everytime you play.

5. Respect the other bands, especially the headliners. If you've been invited to play a show by another band, make sure you thank them for having you. Respect the other bands and they will want to play with you again. If you act like you're the only reason the show is going ahead, and play 30 minutes over time, and do an encore when you're not the headlining band, you're going to piss them off, and also look like a douche. Be excited, but respectful.

If you're an incredibly amazing band, you can probably still have a successful career without adhering to the above. If you've read Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Open Up and Bleed by Iggy Pop, you'll see that it's possible to 'make it' while completely disregarding the above.

However, if you're not quite at the RHCP level but want to be, take note.

After the gig do whatever you want. Act like Anthony Keidis and Iggy Pop had a crazier love child if that's what pleases you.

Just be nice to the sound guy.

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