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Ditto Music SXSW Competition Finalists Announced!

With over 5000 entries to choose from, we’ve painstakingly narrowed the list down to 17 artists from around the world. There were literally, hundreds of amazing entries, unfortunately, only a few can move on to the final voting. Here's the list of finalists, prepare to vote for your favorites next week!

Vinyl Thief

Vinyl Thief – Nashville, TN

Vinyl Thief is an electro-rock band from Nashville, TN. Easy on the electro, with a generous serving of rock.

Benjamin Cina – Austin, TX

Benjamin Cina make music for everyone, from the jazz enthusiast or backpack hip hop fan to the classic 70’s soul funk lover. His philosophy is to just do something original and pay homage to the music that inspired him to write the kind of material that makes his story and what he has to say unique.

Solcat – Nashville, TN

With such distinctive grooves and melodies, Sol Cat has the power to get you off your feet and make you dance until you can dance no more.

Bear Cub – Nashville, TN

An indie-folk jaunt, for fans of Bright Eyes and The Avett Brothers.

The Upperclassmen – Brooklyn, NY

Imagine The Roots meet The Beastie Boys with the edge of Kanye West & Eminem. Then Press Play. Enjoy The Upperclass Men. The Upperclass Men are a Brooklyn, New York-based hip hop group unlike any other.

The Shears - Austin, TX

Danceable pop rock. The Shears have been playing together since the summer of last year, have played around 10 shows and were already named one of the top 10 Austin indie bands by the Austin Music Awards.

Roots Of A Rebellion – Nashville, TN

Roots of a Rebellion’s music offers elements of reggae, rock, dub and soul while putting emphasis on tight horn sections, catchy melodies, and conscious lyrics.

The Specktators – Lansing, MI

The Specktators are a hip-hop/electronic group consisting of Moe-T and Packi. Using their childhood neighborhood, Groesbeck, in their name, The Specktators formed in October 2009 and have been thriving ever since.

Lauren Aquilina – Bristol, UK

Seventeen year old, Bristol-born Lauren Aquilina, is a songstress armed with melancholic piano-driven melodies, propelled by her formidable lyrical ability, all delivered with an overwhelming honesty, something rarely found in an artist so young.

Patches Run – Hollywood, CA

If you are fan of Oasis, Radiohead, or the Verve, give Patches Run a listen.

Dean Fields – Richmond, VA

Dean Fields writes lyrics like Leonard Cohen and sings like Jeff Buckley. It’s no surprise that there’s a serious buzz on this Virginia singer-songwriter

Feels Like Home – Austin, TX

Feels Like Home is an Austin-based punk rock band that has been playing since 2003.

Peter Terry & the City Profits – Nashville, TN

Peter Terry & The City Profits, a folk/rock/soul outfit that blends the thoughtful lyrics of front man Peter Terry, the sultry sounds of the cello.

Another Song For A Girl – San Antonio, TX

Another Song For a Girl is a fast growing and hard hitting pop punk

band from San Antonio, Texas.

Giants & Toys - Montevallo, AL

Montevallo Band that's been playing since 2008. We love what we do and take pride in our live shows.

Lyriqs da Lyricist - New Orleans, LA

Emcee. Show Rocker. Shoe copper. Breadwinner. And Hard worker.

Suite 709 – Austin, TX

soulful lyrics matched with rhythmic beats that charms listeners into singing along on the first listen.

Suite 709