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Ditto Music Support Busk For A Cure in Sydney May 21

Here at Ditto Music we always try to support our wonderful artists and labels. The things that we see all of you achieving, playing, writing, presenting and creating is astounding. 

In this case, we are excited to support Busk for A Cure - an independent music initiative that launched in July 2014, raising funds for the Cancer Council NSW and Crohn's & Colitis Australia. After garnering moderate media attention and a heartwarming yet fun atmosphere on the day, the movement expanding this 2016. 

Busk for A Cure organises buskers to provide high quality entertainment and community engagement while raising funds and awareness for Cancer and Crohn's research. 100% of donations go straight to charity, with all operating and marketing costs being covered by volunteers and sponsors.

Helmut Uhlmann founded Busk for a Cure as a way of combining his love of music and entrepreneurship with a cause that was embedded deep within his heart. After battling cancer for ten years, Helmut's mother passed away from metastasised endometrial cancer in August 2015. Far from facing this struggle alone, however, too many other Australians encounter the tragedy of cancer, either directly or indirectly. Busk for a Cure is about everyday Australians contributing to the fight against cancer in a transparent and fun way. We're not like those annoying charity salespeople that guilt trip you, we're putting on genuine entertainment that's cool, edgy and urban. We want the community to have such a great time that they forget about the causes they are supporting, only to have moments where they remember “Oh, this is raising money for cancer research, I feel good about that”.

Why Crohn's and not just cancer? Crohn's disease is arguably an equally debilitating disease which not many people know about or understand. A friend of Helmut's, Carley, inspired him to combine these two causes, the idea being that we can raise the profle of lesser-known issues by pairing them with cancer. In future editions of Busk for a Cure, we will tackle diferent causes in conjunction with cancer.

Busk for a Cure 2016 is organised by a team of volunteers with a passion for charity and music. The team consists of specialists in operations & human resources, public relations, marketing & social media, artist relations and content creation. We are highly organised and professional.

The day itself will consist of 50 music artists performing across 5 locations in Newtown, NSW. Our main area will be in the Town Hall Square on Saturday May 21 2016, 10am-7pm (TBC)




Helmut Uhlmann – Founder

Ayesha Debak – Operations Manager

Rebecca Nguyen – Operations Manager