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Ditto Music Staff Picks - February 2014

Aram Bajakian Chosen by: Dale Power (Digital Content Assistant) Aram Bajakian is a blues musician based in Queens, New York. His latest record ‘There Were Flowers Also In Hell’ drops next month on 1 February. Bajakian is an aficionado of slide guitar playing in the mold of blues legends such as Muddy Waters, Elmore James, and also holds the honor of having recently played alongside the late Lou Reed. ‘Orbisonian’, a highlight from his new EP ‘There Were Flowers Also in Hell’, adds a contemporary twist to his style, bringing in elements of prog-rock with fast-paced licks, a moody tone as well as dark rhythmic bridges; all atop the solidarity of his tight backing band. Download: Josh Osho Chosen by: Mike Townsend (Digital Content & Customer Support Manager) Josh Osho is a singer/songwriter based in South London. Having been a performer since the age of 16, 2012 was the year the rest of the world started listening, touring with Emeli Sandé, Rizzle Kicks and The Script, as well as featuring landing US Hip-Hop icon Childish Gambino for a verse on his single ‘Giant’. Acclaimed performances on Jools Holland and Radio 1’s Live Lounge confirmed his position as one of the UK’s biggest rising R&B artists. Josh’s new EP ‘Roadsigns’ is released this week, and sees him stepping into warmer, more singer/songwriter territory with irresistible results. Download: Mattic Chosen by: Matt Parsons (CEO)  Mattic, the rising MC based in the French city of Normandy, has just dropped his new album ‘The Adventures of Doctor Outer’ on the excellent Phonosaurus Records. A prolific collaborator, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was an artist happy to settle in the background. Fear not, though, as ‘The Adventures…’ showcases his seamless flow, and striking ability to blend old and new trends into one of the most assured hip-hop albums we’ve ever worked with here at Ditto Music. Download: Blonde on Blonde Chosen By: Sarah Hamilton (Australian Client Manager) Brisbane, Australia's Blonde on Blonde are always up to something. This time they're moving to Berlin, and although it will be Brisbane's loss, there's no doubt they'll get up to some German shenanigans and play great music wherever they go. I guess I love their latest video, because apart from it being just a great track, the video reminds me of partying in Brisbane, my hometown. In fact, I think I even went to a party at the house where the video was shot! The sense of chaotic fun, irresponsibility and loud guitars creates a certain nostalgic feeling, and it's a pleasant one. This band have played heaps of huge festivals, supported incredible bands, toured with Australia's rock royalty, and undoubtedly have exciting times ahead of them. Download: