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Ditto Music Staff Picks (16th April)

The American Dollar

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The American Dollar are a post rock band from Queens, New York. Their greatest hits collection ‘The Best of the American Dollar’ was released through Ditto Music on the 2nd February. With syncs on CSI, Converse ads and Oscar nominated motion picture ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’, The American Dollar are receiving some well-deserved acclaim. Every song acts as a showcase for the bands talent for creating a rich atmosphere. Using minimal motifs on top of a rising instrumental accompaniment, The American Dollar attack your emotions without mercy.

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Ghost Company

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Ghost Company is the moniker of Manchester based song-writer Adam Walsh. Formally of the band The Harks, His debut EP ‘Glass’ sounds as if Mogwai were covered by The National, with its sparse and chilling vocals creeping above a generous and rich accompaniment. ‘Glass’ is out on most major stores through Ditto Music on the 16th April.

Check Out: America


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Kof is a crossover rapper/singer songwriter based in the North of the UK. His music transcends various mainstream and urban genres to create a sound that is as unique as it is exciting. With backing from Radio 1 Xtra and MTV Base, his new EP ‘An Alternative Soul’ has been met with excitement and acclaim critically and commercially. Kof is currently touring the UK in support of ‘An Alternative Soul’ – we highly suggest you go check him out.

Check Out: Looking At Me

Written By: Mike Townsend