01 Jan 2016

Ditto Music Review. Is it Misleading Information?

You may have seen some great customer reviews about Ditto Music on YouTube, but are these misleading information?
Of course not. Ditto Music now distribute over 40,000 happy artists worldwide. Here are 6 things you should know about Ditto Music

1. Ditto Music was started by musicians in 2006 to release their own music, without using a major record label.

2. Ditto Music let you keep 100% of rights AND royalties.

3. Ditto Music released the first ever unsigned artist into the UK top 40 singles chart and have had 11 top 40 singles, all with unsigned artists.

4. Ditto Music release music for 10,000 of artists including Paul Mccartney, Ed Sheeran, Local Natives and Finch.

5. Ditto Music work with brands like Levis, Topman, MTV and over 1000 schools and universities worldwide

6. Ditto Music charge less than any of our competitors and distribute you to more stores.

And if that wasn't enough for you, here is what our artists have to say.

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