16 Jul 2015

Ditto Music review by Louisa Wendorff


Louisa Wendorff distributed her music using the Ditto Music Chartbreaker Package. She reached number 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and number 2 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart with her first release. Louisa has recorded a review of Ditto Music to tell you what she thinks.

Check out Louisa's Ditto Music review below.




Since she's released with Ditto Music, Louisa's mash up video of Taylor Swift's Blank Space and Style was retweeted by Taylor and has 25,800,000 views, she has 15,800 Twitter followers and 28,000 Facebook fans. After her discovery she's performed at E!'s Live Countdown to the Grammy's Red Carpet.


In her Ditto Music review, Louisa says that we "have the best tools to empower artists in a hands on way"!


We think that's a great Ditto Music review!


Thanks Louisa!