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Ditto Music Moves To All You Can Eat Distribution With Their New Product 'Ditto Plus'



Ditto Music has announced the launch of Ditto Plus which includes unlimited music distribution available now in Europe, Australia and America.


Ditto Plus features unlimited releases, daily sales figures and free record label set up for users signing up before April 1. Priced at only £49/$75 per year, Ditto Plus puts the musician in control with a product that is easy to use and offers 24 hour support. Ditto includes hundreds of digital stores in the Plus package including iTunes, Spotify, Beats, Google Play, Amazon and hundreds more.


Ditto’s customers keep 100% of their royalties and music rights. Distributing over 75,000 artists worldwide, Ditto Music is one of the world's largest music distribution companies with offices in Europe, America and Australia.
Ditto has distributed music from some of the world’s biggest artists including Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. Along with music distribution, Ditto also includes labelling services including PR, social media and radio plugging.


“The way we are consuming music has changed, and this has to be reflected for artists that we distribute. Artists are no longer waiting years between releases. Ditto Plus will help artists keep on creating great music whilst keeping down their costs.” Lee Parsons, CEO Ditto Music.


Ditto Plus is available now through at only £49/$75 per year and is available to current and non-current customers. Ditto Music is constantly reevaluating its services to provide the best opportunities for artists worldwide. 



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Conor Mallon