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Ditto Music Launch Amazon On Demand and Pandora

After much planning and discussion to get the right deal for our artists, Ditto Music will now be able to provide all our artist the ability to sell their music in On demand physical copies through Amazon on Demand. This amazing service allows you to sell CDs if you don't want the cost of pressing, duplication, creating your own store and shipping. Sell directly to your fans from your on-demand area.

Amazon On Demand And Pandora
Simply select or upgrade to Amazon on Demand and your music will be available for physical sale in between 3-4 weeks.
Furthermore if you have 2 releases on Amazon on Demand then you are entitled to get distributed to Pandora, the biggest streaming service in the US.
Why not sign up for both right now for only £5. This small amount will cover distribution of any of your releases to Amazon on Demand and we throw in Pandora distribution for free.