01 Jan 2016

Ditto Music - How To Use Pre Release To Score A Hit And Avoid Problems


How do I make the most out of the Ditto Music pre-release service and avoid problems?

Here at Ditto Music we not only offer digital distribution to

all the major stores including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, but also offer the tools and services to help you increase sales of your music. One of these tools is the Pre-Release service. This is how to set up your pre release correctly and avoid problems later on.

What is the Pre-Release service?

We can get music live in iTunes within 24-48 working hours. This is often needed if an artist has a last minute synch placement or have been given notice that their song will be played on the radio.

However, for those building a whole campaign inclusive of PR, gigging and promotion via social networks the Pre-Release service is a critical tool to make sure everyone you're hitting in the run up to your release date is able to order your music the day they hear it.

How does it work?

We advise setting a release date 6-8 weeks down the line from the point of upload to us. Reason being it will take 7Digital, Play.com and HMV.com around 2-3 weeks to make the release available for pre-order in their store. This will then give you 4-6 weeks to get the pre-order links out in any blog interviews, press you receive, facebook fan pages and informing fans who attend your gigs where they can get your music from. You can also tweet the links to your followers and in turn ask them to tweet it to their friends.

While we still deliver your release to iTunes for pre-order, the cost of this is not included in the price of the service (£25) as they hold it at their own discretion what they make available for pre-order, only stating a release needs to be a minimum of 4 tracks for them to do so.


The benefits of Pre-Release can be huge.

All the sales you have been able to generate during the pre-order process count towards the 1st weeks sales figures, meaning you can have 6 weeks (or more) worth of sales counting towards the opening week, giving an inflated account of the sales and shooting you up the charts.

It is often the case that you may then appear in the Top 200 in the iTunes store or the Top 10 of your respective genre as Lady Leshurr 's Ditto Music released 'Off the Lesh' did, coming in at Number 9 on the Hip Hop chart just behind Drake. You can then post and tweet screen shots of this to your supporters encouraging them to buy if they haven't already done so in order for them to feel the part they have played has attributed to your success.

However, you will also need to remember to register yourself for the relevant charts if you, like 11 other previous Ditto artists, are looking to break into them - CLICK HERE?


A number of the 11 independent artists that Ditto have helped break into the UK Top 40 have successfully used the pre-release service in order to do so.

On a bigger scale, we can see the results of previous Ditto Music released artists Ed Sheeran's ('Saturday' in 2009) and Maverick Sabre's ('Sometimes' in 2010) debut albums. Both hugely talented artists, now signed to major labels, have put in the required work ethic and along with having great songs have had their respective albums available for pre-order prior to release date. Come the release date the albums have garnered enough pre-release sales to enter the iTunes charts at Number 1 right away!

What Next?

If you're looking to release your music, build a campaign and have an assault on the charts then get started right here with Ditto Music - http://dittomusic.com/dittomusic/release/ and remember...the release date is key!