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Ditto Music - Canadian Music Week Round Up

What Is Canadian Music Week?

Canadian Music Week began in 1981, and has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most influential media and music conferences. It draws top industry professionals to participate in a four-day program of activities. Designed to stimulate the exchange of market intelligence, increase dialogue and provide networking opportunities, Canadian Music Week continues to present the ideal platform for more than 2,000 national and international delegates.

Pictured Dr Catherine Moore (NYU), Lee Parsons Founder Ditto Music

Why Should Musicians Care About Canadian Music Week?

If you are lucky enough to go you could be learning from speakers like Slash, Sir George Martin and networking with the cream of the US and Canadian Music industry. Labels/publishers/A&R they are all there.

How Can I perform at Canadian Music Week?

If you think you are able to get to Canada to play one of the SXSW showcases then applications will be opening up in the next few months via the website.
What Can Ditto Music and CMW offer me?

Ditto Music have spoken on several panels at Canadian Music Week and this year we got to join companies like Live Nation and EMI talk directly to artists via the mentoring Café. There are around 100 mentors including Major label A&R reps waiting to talk to you, you just have to check your schedule and go talk to them.

We have a great time at CMW this year, a big thanks to the organisers and everyone we met out there including @funeralsuits and @heritage_centre.