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Ditto Music and VEVO allow Artist to Monetize YouTube Videos

We are proud to announce that Ditto Music Artist can now monetize music videos on YouTube through our partnership with VEVO, the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, to give our artists the access to earn royalties from their music videos.

VEVO channels are now available to all Ditto artists, this will allow our video team to distribute your music videos to the VEVO platform which includes, free mobile apps, television connections (XBox, Boxee) and other web platforms such as YouTube and Daily Motion.

This new service allows small advertisements to be put in front of you music videos allowing you a share of the revenue, at no additional cost than your regular Ditto Music subscription.

Rio Caraeff, CEO of VEVO, said: “VEVO supports independent artists and we’re thrilled to team with Ditto Music to help new acts reach global music fans. ”

So all Ditto Artist can sign up for a VEVO account at the link, where you can submit your information and then our team will be in touch. An example of a Vevo channel is shown below: