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Ditto Launch two new Store Bundles for Artist and Labels

Ditto Launch two new exciting store bundles to expand distribution options and save you the Artist and Label money. The bundles ensure that Ditto is now offering the widest range of store options at the lowest price online today.

In addition to our current super saver package, which contains 17 of our most popular stores we have the following:

Dance Package Bolt on

This package contains all the major dance stores that any artist in the genre would require including Dance Tunes, Audio Jelly, Juno and for labels that have been granted placements, the very exclusive Beatport. In Addition to this Ditto have also launched:

Mobile - Streaming Bolt On

This inexpensive package contains streaming and mobile services across the globe, including Aspiro Mobile, Eircom, Muve by Cricket Mobile, Blackberry Music, Pandora and Google Play as well as US based AT&T which is our most popular and highest earning mobile store to date.

These amazing packages will only cost:

£1 / $1.50 for a Single of 1 or 2 Tracks
£2.5 / $4 for an Ep of 3 to 5 Tracks
£5 / $5 for an Album

So sign up today and take advantage of Ditto Music's packages, offering the widest, least expensive distribution on the market today.