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This Week's 5 Featured Artists

It's that time again to get your teeth stuck into the best independent music filtering through Ditto Music. We've got 5 of the very best right here, so get your headphones on and take 15 minutes to have a listen to this lot. You won't regret it!

Elliot Root - June After Dark (Live)



Elliot Root have been having a lot of national success over the past few months. Recently, they have been featured on Lightning 100, Nashville's largest independent radio station. Be sure to check out their live performance video above in the Lightning 100 studios. Their newest EP, 'Thoughts From Yesterday,' includes four deep tracks that are sure to pull on your heartstrings.

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Manas Ghale - Manasick Medicine 


Manas Ghale - Manasick Medicine


Tragedy has recently struck Nepal. Just over two weeks after thousands died in a mammoth earthquake, Nepal got hit hard again Tuesday by another powerful tremor that has left dozens more dead. There's an artist out there making a difference for his people. Manas Ghale has recently released his album informing his fans to spread the news as he is planning to donate these funds to families in need during this hard time.

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The Moon Kids - Strange Thoughts on Sunday



The Moon Kids make electrifying pop that sounds like fireworks and neon lights and fairground thrills. “The aim is to make music that’ll make your heart beat a little faster,” says frontman David Barr. One reviewer described it as “a giddy rewrite of everything Buddy Holly warned you about”, others raved about the band’s “bolshy presence”. The Moon Kids are shooting for the stars – and they want you to come along for the ride.

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The Aches - Your Broken Hand EP



The Aches are a Chicago/Milwaukee area indie rock band formed by husband and wife duo Colin and Christiana Flanigan. Christiana calls their music rage-folk. They write very honest lyrics. Their newest releases, 'Your Broken Hand EP' features 4 songs that are filled with deep lyrics, amazing instrumentation, as well as a great duo that will be sure to impress. Their new EP is now available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!


Doctrin - Take Me 



Dolly Denko is a Melbourne born, soon-to-be Los Angeles based, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and creator of Doctrin. Conceiving the project quite literally from life, death, love and hate amidst a time of existential crisis; Doctrin was unbearably venerable before it was comfortably naked. Bringing what Dolly calls ‘Alternative Something’ to the sonic landscape, in a live setting she’s fusing the organic with technology, wielding a guitar and a laptop. Dolly is a one-woman band with a sound too big and far too dramatic to stay in your small local bar for long, her eyes are set on the grand arena.