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Ditto Featured Artist: Pappasaft


Despite being a small country with just over 5 million people, Norway has a diverse and great music scene. We had a chat to the Norwegian fast paced punk rock band “Pappasaft”. They don’t leave anything unsaid, are passionate about politics (like hating on Tony Abbot) and they told us about their future plans and why they choose to sing in Norwegian.

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Since all your lyrics are in Norwegian, tell us about what inspires you guys and what you sing about.

Well, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on what's going on in our heads at the time. The only good thing about a right-wing government is the endless inspiration for punk rockers. You have Tony f***ing Abbot, you can just imagine. Our lyrics dangle schizophrenically between firm shin-kicks to the political right and utter raving bullocks. For example going to emergency room instead of watching TV. Our lyrics aren't too bad, shame for you guys it's all in norwegian - you'll have to rely on our average musical abilities for enjoyment.


What made you decide to sing in Norwegian and not English?

Coin flip! Nah, singing in English might end up being a little pretentious over here - "just in case we hit massive international success, they'll understand what we're saying". Besides, writing in your mother's tongue makes everything a little more precise. As the singer of Oslo Ess (good Norwegian band) once said: “Singing in English is like shooting a shotgun, singing in Norwegian is like shooting a rifle.” How's that for poetry, ya mugs.



Are you guys working on something new at the moment?

Not as much "working", more like "f***ing around heaps with a fair few new songs". At the moment we're talking to various studios to make recording a new album affordable. I'm guessing first half of next year we'll have new album out. With some good songs too. Some.

What's the craziest thing that has happened during one of your live shows?

Easy: 5 guys had driven a couple of hours to see an Oslo show. They were stoked, bulky, wasted and no-shirted. They kept coming on stage to shake loose, you know, punk rock show, good fun. One guy decided to join them. Took aaaall of his clothes off and started grinding one of the shirtless close-to-pass-outs. Dragged his pants to the floor and proceeded to reach around.. Just close your eyes and imagine the rest. In front of 200 people. No one really recalls the rest of the show.

You have a chance to play a gig with any band in the world, who would it be and why?

As cliché as it may sound, NOFX would be amazing. Explanation unnescsezzcesarry (<-- f*** this word). We're all big fans of Frenzal Rhomb, so they're up there for sure. Legends. The Flatliners as well, because they're a great band. We have one governing principle when it comes to playing with other bands - they have to be fun to drink with. So yeah, those bands.

PS: Send us Tony Abbot so his visa application can be processed off-shore...