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Ditto Featured Artist - J-Wess

American/Australian RnB artist J-Wess has previously released an album with three top ten singles in Australia, including the hit 'What Chu Want' which is still played at most clubs in Australia every weekend, despite it's 2007 release.

Previously signed to a major label, J-Wess has just dropped his new single via Ditto Music, as more artists who could go down the major label route, decide to release independently. 'Get Down (Top Notch Pro) was released on the 19th of July, and the Australian RnB community has been waiting with baited breath.

As we get ready to launch Ditto Urban, where RnB/Urban and Hip-Hop artists can purchase and license beats from producers, and push their mixed tapes through us, we thought we'd showcase one of our RnB artists who already have an esteemed reputation and career behind them, and a shining bright future ahead.

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1. Congrats on the new single release! Tell us about what you've got planned for the rest of 2013.

My plans for 2013 is to release as much music as possible and tour it.
All we want as artists is for people to hear our music. And with today's
technology its just a click away or upload away.

2. You've toured and performed with artists like Missy Elliot and Flo-Rida. What has been your favourite show and why?

Missy Elliot tour was by far my favorite. Not only am I a fan of her
music, but performing in arenas brings out the best in you as a
performer. Performing in front of thousands of people gives you that
extra incentive to leave it all on stage. Not only for your fans, but
with the hope of gaining some new fans as well.

3. You're based in Melbourne, Australia, but originally from the USA. What are some of the major differences between LA and Melbourne's rnb/hip hop community?

If i can use a broader brush then just city to city i would rather use country to country. One of the major differences amongst the rnb/hiphop community is the criteria that needs to be met before its considered Australian hip/hop. To me if you make rnb/hiphop music and it comes from Australia its Australian.. To some it's how you sound. You have to sing or rap with a Australian accent for it to be considered Australian hip/hop. I'm confused by that. Plus this seems to leave a big demographic of people out.

In America hip/hop community the main criteria is not about your accent but the question, 'does your music move me?'. We dont care if you rap backwards, its all hip hop. Another difference is the topic of conversation in the music, but that's a given.

4. You've recently set up your own label Rendition Entertainment. What are the future plans?

Your label is only as good as the talent. No amount of money or marketing can polish a turd. I made a mistake early in my career not capitalizing on networking and collaborating with other artists, not because I didn't want to, but I didn't make it a priority. As a label you must always be on the look out for fresh talent and moving projects. And when I say talent, I just don't mean the performers. The music business consist of many facets - songwriters, beat makers, music producers, video producers, marketing specialists the list goes on. And this is just a fraction of what makes the big wheel turn.

So those out there looking to collaborate and think we can add value to each others projects get at me!

5. Your debut album spawned 3 top 10 singles in Australia, including massive track 'What Chu Want' which is still played consistently in clubs and on radio across the country. What advice would you give to Ditto's pool of upcoming, independent artists trying to achieve their dreams?

My advice to you is love what you do and make no excuses. And realize as a independent artist your time is now and forever. Thank you technology! Gone are the days of gate keepers to decide whether or not your art is good enough. I'm telling you now no one can tell you that. If your music give you goose bumps roll with it.

Have a team. It can get daunting trying to do it all yourself. For example companies like Ditto make it easy for independent artist to distribute their music exactly like major label world wide.

Finally I love this quote "remember its about your music and the fans, anything else that doesn't add value is just in the way". Not my quote but a damn good one!

Check out J Wess on iTunes here
Check his website here.