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Digital Store Tunited Closes - Blames Recession And Lack Of Investment

Set up by Midge Ure in 2009, Tunited was launched as a 'music lovers paradise where artists are judged on the quality of their music and engagement with fans'.

Tunited promoted music recommendation, allowing artists to sell directly to fans for 100% profit, cutting out the middleman. Artist marketing tools and an A&R platform was also included.

Unfortunately it looks like the site failed to monetize as Tunited has now closed.

Midge Ure issued this statement this morning:

Midge Ure Announces Close of Tunited

'For some months we've been seeking additional funding for this development work but despite raising a substantial amount of money, we haven’t secured enough to develop Tunited into the best music platform it needs to be.

Even with a great idea, a huge amount of passion and a real desire to make a change, the unforeseen elements you never envisioned can knock you down. Unfortunately this is what has happened to Tunited

I sincerely hope that at some stage in the future we can relaunch all or part of Tunited in some format to help support all artists realise their dreams.'

With sites like Spotify and we7 announcing dramatic growth partnered with massive financial losses, this closure comes at a critical time in the development of the music industry.

We wish Midge and his team all the best for future projects.

Lee Parsons

CEO Ditto Music

T: @ceoleeparsons