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Cover and Karaoke Version - Set them Up Right

Cover version and Karaoke version are a great way to get your band name out there and gain some revenue. We have loads of blogs about cover versions and you can see part 1 of our 'Cash for Covers' here.

However there is an issue with cover versions. If you make an error with your metadata then stores can pull your release off sale. So follow the below tips to ensure your release goes up quickly and stays on sale:
1. Don't use the original artist name as your artist name. For example 'Tribute to James Taylor'
2. Do not use Various artist for the track level artist, this title can only be used in album level artist name
3. The word Karaoke must not be used as the artist name at album level, but can be used as part of an artist name. For example 'Weekend Karaoke Classics'
4. For Karaoke/Instrumental tracks you must indicate that there are no vocals. For example Karaoke Version Sweet Baby James (Karaoke Version)
5. 'Originally Performed by ...." in the track title is only ok if the track is a karaoke version, this will not be accepted for covers or tributes
6. The cover art must make clear that it is a cover or a karaoke version and must not imply the track is by the original artist. So If you put "The Bluegrass tribute to the Killers" Tribute must be bigger than the the Killers.
7. You can't release a Karaoke music video
If you have any question about metadata for covers or karaoke version please do not hesitate to contact us on