17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Advice for Musicians: Making the Most of Isolation


At Ditto, we’re still working hard to make sure you can release unlimited music anytime you want. Our staff are all working from home and your releases want be affected. So don't worry if you've got an upcoming release in our system or you want to put a new track out over the next few weeks or months. Nothing will change from our side!


It’s tough out there for musicians right now. Quarantines and self-isolations mean live shows and tours are being cancelled all over the world. The live sector has taken a big hit, but there’s still plenty artists can do to make the most of their time stuck at home.

If you're looking for the latest advice concerning issues like staying safe, touring, insurance and more - here are some useful links:


COVID-19 Updates & Advice:

Help Musicians

Musician's Union

Incoporated Society of Musicians

PRS Foundation


Despite all the doom and gloom, there are still ways to stop COVID-19 getting in the way of your music career! If you’re stuck at home, here’s our advice on taking full advantage of your time.


Practice, practice, practice (or learn something new)

You can never have too much practice or rehearsal time! It's said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, so if you haven’t quite hit that 10k mark on your guitar, piano, drums - or any other instrument - use this time to hone your skills even further and become a true master.

Or maybe you’re already a wizard on the six-string and want to try your hand at something new. Now’s the perfect time to pick up an unfamiliar instrument and add something new to your repertoire. 

There’s a whole world of tutorials out there on YouTube, so dive in. Or maybe instruments aren't you thing. If that's the case than make sure to check out the rest of the Ditto Music Unsigned Advice Blog or our YouTube channel to learn loads of tips and tricks around promoting music, landing on playlists and more.


Useful links:

Ditto Music YouTube Channel

Ditto Music Unsigned Advice



Set up & build your home studio

Can’t make it to the recording studio for a while? Nowadays you don’t need a full scale studio set up to record and produce your own music.

While it’s not easy to record a full band at home, if you’re a solo artist you can get hold of all the gear you need to start bringing your tracks to life.

Here are some resources to help to start creating a professional studio in your own home.


Useful links:

How to set up a home recording studio

How to record vocals at home



Tie up loose songwriting ends

We’ve all got half-finished songs, beats we never quite got round to perfecting and lyrics we couldn’t quite get right at the time.

Why not delve into your unfinished back catalogue and have another crack at completing. You might just stumble across a track the world needs to hear, but might never have seen the light of day otherwise.

Here are some tips on getting those songs over the line.


Useful links:

Songwriting tips from the pros

How to become a paid songwriter



Promote & submit your music

You don't need to leave the house to send your latest tracks out to journalists and bloggers. All you need to land a feature on music websites and blogs worldwide is your press kit and a list of email addresses.

You could use this time at home to get your press and media kits in order, write your own press release and start sending out your tracks. 

Ever used Submithub before? Why not try it out and see if your music grabs someone's attentions.


Useful links:

How to create an electronic press kit

How to write a music press release


Share your experience with fans

Your fans might not be able to come see you play live in the immediate future, but it’s important to keep them engaged.

Keep your listeners and followers up-to-date with how you’re doing and what you’re up to through social media or by email through your mailing list. Check out these tips on promoting your music and make sure your fans stay in the loop.


Useful links:

How to promote music on Instagram

How to build a mailing list for musicians



Create new playlists

Building playlists isn't just a great way to share your favourite music. They can also help to promote your own tracks and the tracks of other upcoming artists.

Sticking your tracks in a playlist alongside other awesome artists can help your music reach new listeners and even let Spotify’s algorithm know you’re out there, boosting your chance of landing on Discover Weekly.

Check out our advice on building and hacking playlists to boost your streaming numbers and reach.


Useful links:

How to get on Spotify playlists

How to get more playlist followers



Learn & record some new cover songs

Recording a unique cover version of a popular song is a great way to go viral. Whether that’s on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud or anywhere else, cover songs always go down well with new and existing fans.

Did you know that you don’t actually need a music license to release cover version of songs on the biggest streaming platforms? Check out our guide to licensing covers, remixes and samples to learn more.

Useful links:

What license do I need for my music?



Master you DAW

Your Digital Audio Workstation - whether that’s Logic, Pro Tool, Ableton or anything else - is a deep, complex and incredibly powerful tool.

There’s alway something new to learn. Even if you’re already an expert producer, why not try out some new sample packs, download the latest plug-ins and see what kind of new sounds and songs you can create.


Useful links:

Beginner's guide to mixing & mastering

The best free VST plugins for music production



No matter how the COVID-19 situation unfolds over the coming weeks and months, we’ll still be here to release your music to the biggest platforms worldwide and give you the Unsigned Advice from across the industry.

Take care of yourselves and keep making the music you love!