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Check Out Producer Mark Ronson’s Incredible TED Talk

Producer Mark Ronson was invited to do a TED talk on ‘How Sampling Has Transformed Music’. [caption id="attachment_1032" align="alignleft" width="456"]Ted Talks Ted Talks[/caption]

Mark Ronson, is probably best known as Amy Winehouse’s producer, as well as for his solo work that included the hit album, ‘Version’. 'Version'  showcased incredible covers performed by even more incredible artists such as Lily Allen and Daniel Merriweather. What many don’t know is that Ronson began as a DJ in New York, charging small fees and slowly building his reputation for his diverse musical selection. As his star grew, Ronson began being invited to DJ at private parties for celebrities. Today, Mark Ronson is a household name with 3 albums, a host of production credits and even wrote the song, ‘Anywhere In The World’, from the Coca Cola commercial during the London Olympic Games. The latter featured numerous samples of athletes performing their chosen sport, which Ronson then transformed into a song. So when Mark Ronson was invited to do a TED Talk it was only logical that he attempt to intellectualise the art of sampling. Ronson begins the talk by creating a track live on an MPC, using only the TED theme song and sampling numerous TED talks from other people. Throughout the talk, he traverses the history of sampling, including his own reasons for delving into the genre and how he created a lot of his earlier work. “(With sampling) I can hear something that I love…and I can co-opt it and insert myself in that narrative or alter it even,” Ronson explains. This TED Talk is a must for any aspiring producer, DJ or music fan, and is also something you can show older generations when they argue over the merits of sampling music. Check it out!

Watch: Mark Ronson: How Sampling Transformed Music