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Check Out Dr Dre's California Love Letter

Today we flashback to 1995, before the release of Dr Dre and Tupac's classic track 'California Love'. The date was February 26, 1995, before the release of the bangin' 90s tune, 'California Love'. Dr Dre is scouting out possible sites in Nevada to shoot the now infamous clip. Writing to what appears to be his girlfriend (Nicole), Dre talks about shooting a clip for "that single" featuring Tupac Shakur. This was prior to 'Pac's release from prison for sexual assault and Dre mentions that they'll begin shooting upon his release. Check out the full letter below. [caption id="attachment_943" align="aligncenter" width="502"]Dr Dre Letter Dr Dre's California Love letter[/caption] Dre talks about meeting "a bunch of crazy, naked motherf******," that we can only assume are hippies, building "some type of giant wood man." Maybe the doctor stumbled across Burning Man? Either way, this letter gives an insight into the initial thought process behind the now iconic clip. Always the entrepreneur, Dre is astounded that these hippies don't make any money off their little venture and writes, "I think I will have my office look into it, just to see if there is easy money to be had here." Dre signs off by stating "I'm 'bout to pass out girl, wish I was up in that a**." What a gentleman! We are still waiting on the followup to Dr Dre's now classic '2001' album tentatively titled 'Detox'; an album that has experienced lengthy delays and a few sporadic singles over the past few years. Fingers crossed we one day get to hear the album.