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10 tips for successful music collaboration

September 29, 2016  

Music collaboration presents itself in many forms and offers a great way to make new connections and reach new fans. But what are the ways best for artists to find musicians to collaborate with, and put themselves in the position to start mutually-beneficial musical relationships. Jimmy Bortolo from ...

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Planning a seasonal release or song for a special occasion? Here’s what you need to know.

August 24, 2016  

Christmas, popular sporting events and other major holidays are particular popular times for musicians to release new music, and we’ve had lots of requests from artists asking the best way to schedule their seasonal tracks for maximum success. To help clear things up, we’ve put together ...

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How to approach promoters & venue bookers for gigs

August 10, 2016  

Playing gigs is essential for any musician hoping to develop their sound and gain more fans. Whether you’re focusing on playing on your local circuit or are looking to spread your wings further afield for out of town gigs, you’ll definitely need to be in contact with gig promoters and ve ...

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How to get your music on Spotify playlists

July 29, 2016  

Millions of music lovers all over the world use Spotify to discover new artists, so as an up-and-coming musician, it’s vital to get your music on Spotify playlists and in front of legions of potential fans. But how do new artists get featured? Getting the biggest Spotify playlists to feature ...

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How to use loops & samples creatively in your tracks

July 7, 2016  

Using loops to help you write songs can be seen as a controversial move and perhaps considered a tad unoriginal, but many artists and entire genres are built on doing that very thing. Look at artists such as Daft Punk who base some of their songs around a sampled loop, and Hip-hop was born fro ...

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How to set up your free Google Artist Page

July 6, 2016  

You can now put your music in front of millions of potential fans by creating your own Google Artist Page on Google Play. If you already have music live on Google Play, setting up your personalised artist page is completely free. A Google Artist Page offers musicians and managers the ability t ...

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A guide to UK busking laws

May 9, 2016  

Busking is a fantastic way for up and coming musicians to reach new fans, earn some extra cash and build up their experience and confidence performing in front of a live audience. However, there's often confusion about the laws around busking. To help independent musicians and potential bus ...

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Home recording tips for DIY musicians

May 3, 2016  

Home recording is an essential practice of the true DIY musician and offers an inexpensive and convenient way to get your music ready to be heard by a mass audience. To help you start recording your own music from home, we compiled some basic home recording tips for DIY musicians. In the absence of ...

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How to get more gigs for your unsigned band

April 22, 2016  

As an independent artist or unsigned band, playing gigs is by far one of the best ways to get noticed and reach new fans. But how do you get more gigs for your unsigned band? Before we get into that, here are a few things to remember. Whether you’re playing to less than 10 disinterested ...

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Temporary Changes For iTunes Release Times

November 9, 2015  

We wanted to let you know of some changes that will be affecting how long it takes to get your music onto iTunes over the Christmas period. Around November time iTunes starts to get a lot busier with more artists wanting to distribute their music for the Christmas/holiday period. iTunes has laid do ...

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