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The Stormzy Story: How DIY Grime Conquered the UK Charts

March 6, 2017  

UK grime star Stormzy made history last week when his debut album Gang Signs & Prayer hit number one on the UK album charts. Stormzy's meteoric rise shows how unsigned artists can make a massive impact on music and push the boundaries of the industry. Here at Ditto Music, we've helped Stormzy ...

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Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Share Their DIY Recording Tips

November 21, 2016  

Brisbane-based thrash pop trio Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! have just released their Back To The Start EP, featuring the tracks ‘The Spit’ and ‘My Friends’ which were both played on Triple J and Triple J Unearthed. To celebrate, we had a chat with the band to learn their DIY re ...

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Aussie Featured Artists For October

October 14, 2016  

We have been busy interviewing our bands, so we've decided to compile a bunch of them under one roof. So here are our Aussie featured artists for October. Royal Parade We caught up with Royal Parade off the back of their new EP Never Walk Away. We had a chat about their favourite gigs, the secre ...

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Interview With Mcrobin

September 23, 2016  

Melbourne Alt-Folkster, Mcrobin, is due to release his sophomore EP in November. He recently released his first single of the EP titled 'Concrete Feet', so we thought it best to sit him down for a chat. 'Concrete Feet' is the first single from your upcoming EP 'Shallow Diver'. What can those w ...

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SAIN Interview: Meet the Artist Making Independent Hip-Hop in Dubai

September 15, 2016  

At Ditto Music we love nothing more helping independent artists get the word out about their music and make a bigger impact across the industry. We caught up with Dubai-based rapper and Ditto artist SAIN to talk about his influences and origins, and review how Ditto Music has supported his career so ...

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Featured Artist: Paper House

September 15, 2016  

We recently caught up with Melbourne based indie act Paper House to chat about their new single 'Sweet Release', how cities influence their music and their dynamic live show. You have just released your new single ‘Sweet Release’ – tell us a little about how that single c ...

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Featured Artist: Boilermakers

September 1, 2016  

Boilermakers is Matt Okine's music side-project, working alongside long-time collaborator, "Dinnertime Duke". His debut single ‘Fade (Nothing At All)’ dropped a few weeks ago and we caught up with him to discuss the future for Boilermakers, spontaneously releasing the track and what his ...

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Loren Ryan Releases Debut Music Video And Appears On NITV

August 26, 2016  

Hailing from Tamworth, NSW, Loren Ryan released her Pop/RnB debut EP ‘Fight’ earlier this year and has recently released her first music video for the single 'Stars', proving that there is more than just country music thriving in Tamworth. Completely independent and largely self-funded, ...

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Featured Artist: Alphamama

August 25, 2016  

We recently caught up with Sydney based artist Alphamama to discuss her new single 'Ass in the Front’ from her forthcoming album Honey Fire, her own label God Queen and what it all means for the future. Tell us about Alphamama - what you're about, what your music represents and what you ho ...

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Sorrel Nation Interview

August 19, 2016  

UK born, Australia based, Sorrel Nation is someone you need to put on your radar. Her EP 'Kids On The Run' recently debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, so you could say she's kinda killing it! Your debut EP ‘Kids On The Run’ is out now, what can listeners expect? ...

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