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Catalogue Music Outsells New Releases in US

Old, catalogue music is currently outselling new music in
the US for the first time, Soundscan reports.

In a review of all album sales in Ameirca for the first half
of 2012, sales of catalogue music (releases over 18 months old) as outsold new
releases by over 3 million units.

The exact figures for the first half of 2012 are as follows:

New Releases: 73.9
million units

Catalogue Releases
(over 18 months old): 76.6 million units

Some suggest that this may signify a shift from physical to
digital music sales, as people are re-purchasing their favourite old releases in
a digital format. However, CMU report that it could be a sign that archive
content is becoming the key revenue stream for big labels, with new music
taking a back seat.